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Scanpan Maitre D' 3 Piece Chef Set

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This Maitre D' 3 Piece Chef Set contains an 8cm Paring Knife, a 15cm Utility Knife and a 22cm Chef Knife.Japanese Inspired Design with ergonomic grip, ice hardened German stainless steel blade and strong water resistant Pakka Wood handle. All SCANPAN knives are guaranteed against manufacturing faults and defects for 10 yearsThese knives will give you exceptional results every time. Features Ice hardened-Corrosion resistant German stainless steel blade, DIN 1-4116 Superior taper ground cutting edge with hairline finish for maximum corrosion resistance Hardness Rockwell C: 56-57 Strong water resistant Pakka wood handle Japanese inspired design and ergonomic grip Perfectly balanced knife,Cleaning by hand recommended Danish design Maintenance & Care Hand wash only- do not clean in dishwasher Maintain sharpness by regularly using a sharpening steel, honing steel or knife sharpener (excluding serrated edge knives) Cut on a non-abrasive surface such as wood, bamboo or plastic Avoid cutting frozen food Store your knives in a knife block or on a knife magnet Never store loose knives without edge protection in a drawer. This will dull the knives rapidly. Sharpening Instructions Place knife on sharpening steel and lift blade to a 15 degree angle. Apply light pressure, draw blade across the sharpening steel in an arc from heel to tip. Alternate strokes on each side of the blade in a constant, deliberate motion until the edge is sharp.

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Scanpan Maitre D' 3 Piece Chef Set
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