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Fowlers Black Lid Suit Sauce Bottle (12pk)

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Most Lids are available in Standard and Stainless Steel. 

Standard lids are tin-plated with a lacquer coating, double-coated on the inside to food grade and single-coated elsewhere. Stainless Steel lids provide a ‘longer life’ alternative and should be used for all high acid preserves, including pineapple and pickles.

When preserving, lids are placed on the bottle on top of the preserving ring and secured with a clip. When first put on the bottle, the lid appears convex, which will change to concave after processing, indicating the vacuum seal has formed.

G1011 38mm Black Twist Cap (puff button). Suits: S6000 & S6002

Fowlers Black Lid Suit Sauce Bottle (12pk)
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