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Edge Master Professional 3 In 1 Whetstone Sharpening System 240/1000/3000 Grit

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The Edge Master Professional Corundum 3 in 1 Whetstone Sharpening System is an all-in-one solution for keeping your knives razor-sharp. The system includes three corundum whetstones, each designed for a specific sharpening task, and a non-slip base for added safety and stability. The system delivers consistent and precise results and is perfect for both professional and home use.

Renowned for their exceptional sharpening capabilities, Japanese Whetstones exhibit impressive performance on both Japanese and Western tools. These remarkable stones feature a loosely bonded abrasive grit that swiftly washes away as it dulls during the sharpening process. Consequently, fresh, sharp particles are revealed, eagerly ready to enhance the blade's sharpness. It's worth noting that water stones solely require water for lubrication. Simply soak the stone in water for five minutes, and you're all set to embark on your sharpening journey.

  • Medium Coarse 240 Grit: Use for knives that have damaged or blunt edges - Removes a lot of material.
  • Extra Fine 1000 Grit: This is the main sharpening grit used to re-sharpen and remove burrs.    
  • Extremely Fine 3000 Grit: Use for fine sharpening and removal of burrs - smoothens the knife edge.


  • Grit: Combo 240/1000/3000
  • Material: Corundum
  • Sharpening Surface: 6cm x 18cm (2.4" x 5.9")
  • Flattening Stone
  • Large Guide Rail
  • Small Guide Rail
  • Non-Slip Sharpening Station
  • Made in China
Edge Master Professional 3 In 1 Whetstone Sharpening System 240/1000/3000 Grit
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