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Avanti Disposable Air Fryer Inserts 20 x 4.5cm 100 Piece

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Protect your basket and racks with the Avanti® Air fryer disposable Inserts. Designed to keep your air fryer free from food residue, grease, grime, scratches, saving you time and effort cleaning. Made from food safe unbleached parchment paper, they are BPA free, non-toxic, oil-proof, waterproof, non-stick and heat resistant to 220c. They feature ridges on the sides, eliminating the need for tearing, folding or cutting, and do not interfere with the internal air circulation of the air fryer. Versatile, they are also suitable for steamers, cookers, ovens and microwaves making them perfect for baking, roasting and frying.,Do not expose liner directly to heat source / flame. Do not add liner in pre-heating mode without food. Ensure enough food is placed in the liner to avoid direct contact with heat source.

Avanti Disposable Air Fryer Inserts 20 x 4.5cm 100 Piece
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