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Joseph Joseph Dash Pestle & Mortar w/Bamboo Lid

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Unlike other pestle and mortars, this stylish design includes a reversible bamboo lid with several functions. Firstly, it helps keep the mortar clean and dust free when stored on a worktop or shelf and features a deep groove on the top to safely hold the pestle when not in use. When removed, the lid can also be turned over and used to place ingredients ready for preparation or even as a small chopping surface. The heavy-weight pestle and mortar are both carved from the same hard-wearing, natural granite, making them perfect for crushing garlic, grinding spices, pounding herbs and making pesto and salsas. As this product is made from beautiful, natural materials, each item produced is unique. Wash and dry by hand. Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 13 cm.

Joseph Joseph Dash Pestle & Mortar w/Bamboo Lid
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