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Fowlers Snap On Caps Size 4 (4pk)

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Snap-on Caps have been designed for easy, airtight storage after bottled preserves have been opened but not consumed in their entirety.

Snap On Caps transform preserving bottles into storage jars ‘in a snap’, so that Fowlers bottles can be used all year ‘round. They are moisture-proof and airtight and will guard against insect infestation.

Snap on Caps come in ‘black’ colour and are made in Australia.
* please note 'retro green' colour is no longer available

The Snap on Caps are manufacutred from a BPA FREE Linear Low Density Polyethylene.

Size 4 Caps fit Bottle sizes: 31, 36, 65 


Fowlers Snap On Caps Size 4 (4pk)
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