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Fowlers Simple Natural Preserving Kit

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Simple Natural Preserving Kit is a revolutionary preserving kit. 

It takes only 60 minutes to preserve natural fruits. Simply place fruit into preserving jar, top with the liquid of your choice (fruit juice, water, sugar syrup, liqueur), and seal with ring, lid and clip. Place bottles into unit which is filled with cold water and plug in.

The Simple Natural is fully automatic, there is no need to monitor the temperature. After 60 minutes, remove the bottles from the Simple Natural Preserver and allow to cool.  A vacuum seal will form and the fruit is preserved and may be stored on the shelf for future use – without needing refrigeration.

* for easy removal of hot bottles from preserving units, try our Bottle Tongs (see Product Code 6703 under the Preserving Accessories section)

Fowlers Simple Natural Preserving Kit
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