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Essteele Per Vita Copper Base Stainless Steel Induction 5 Piece Cookware Set

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This high-quality Essteele Per Vita 5 Piece Cookware set is a must-have for every kitchen. Including two saucepans, a steamer and covered stockpot plus a skillet, this set provides the ultimate beginnings of a gourmet kitchen.
Crafted from high quality stainless steel with a solid copper base for optimal heat control, the exceptional quality of Essteele Per Vita makes cooking a delight. The Per Vita collection combines Italian elegance with a 60 year Australian heritage, bringing you flawless, beautiful looking cookware that continually performs.
Key Features

HIGH QUALITY 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION Made of the highest quality stainless steel, each pan features superior durability and a brilliant mirror finish.

COPPER BASE A sheet of solid copper spreads heat rapidly across the base and around the corners of each pan, and heavyweight aluminium discs permanently sealed in stainless steel disperse and retain heat to eliminate hot spots. The result: optimum heat control and induction suitability.

STAINLESS STEEL DEEP DRAW LIDS Made from the same high quality stainless steel as the body of the pan, these lids are tight fitting to retain heat, flavour and nutrients.

DRIPLESS POURING RIM European designed rim which has a wide, gentle arch for easy pouring and effortless cleaning.

MADE IN ITALY Italian designed and manufactured.

Set contains

14cm/1.2L Milkpan
20cm/3.8L Saucepan
24cm/5.5L Stockpot
24cm Open French Skillet
20cm Universal Steamer

Essteele Per Vita Copper Base Stainless Steel Induction 5 Piece Cookware Set
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