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Edge Master 3 Stage Fold & Store Sharpener

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‌The Edge Master 3 Stage Fold and Store Knife Sharpener is a fast and efficient tool for quick knife sharpening. Whether you need to repair damaged edges, restore a V-cut shape, or achieve a razor-sharp edge, this sharpener is perfect with its diamond-coated rods, carbide blades, and ceramic rods. Additionally, the non-slip base ensures stability and safety during use. The foldable design provides space-saving storage, and with just the press of a button, you can unfold it to choose from three sharpening options. 


  • Quick Sharpening: Designed for rapid knife sharpening
  • Easy Storage: Foldable design for compact and convenient storage
  • Simple Operation: Unfold by pressing the button and choose from three sharpening options
  • Coarse Slot: Diamond-coated rods for repairing damaged edges and blade balance
  • Medium Slot: Carbide blades for sharpening straight knife blades and restoring a V-cut shape
  • Fine Slot: Ceramic Rods for removing burrs and polishing the blade to achieve a razor-sharp edge 
  • Non-Slip Base offers stability and safety during use 
Edge Master 3 Stage Fold & Store Sharpener
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