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Tea Tonic Body Reset Tea - 20 Teabag Box

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Retune your shape to help achieve a healthier you. Boost your body’s ability to burn calories and readjust cravings. Our Tea Tonic Body Reset Tea will satisfy your sweet tooth while your metabolic rate is elevated. Drinking this clever combination of tea & herbs will assist you to trim, tune and shred.

  • Peachy Fit
  • Trim, Tune & Shred
  • Naturally Sweet
  • Ideal Chilled Refreshment
  • Get Ready For Your Body Reset!.
Each box contains 20 individually wrapped unbleached body reset teabags.

Ingredients: Oolong, White Tea, Moringa, Monk Fruit, Hibiscus, Calendula, Natural Flavour.

Flavour: Sweet Peach Nectarine

Preparation: Place 1 teabag in a teapot per cup. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 7-10 minutes for desired strength. Serve hot or cold with honey or lemon to taste. Serve without milk.

Tea Tonic Body Reset Tea - 20 Teabag Box
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