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Avanti Stackable Ice Popscicle Moulds - Set of 4

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Make delicious homemade popsicles and healthy frozen treats with the Avanti® Stackable Popsicle Moulds. Reusable, the set consists of four different moulds to create fun pencil, foot, rocket ship and twister shape popsicles. The moulds are made of silicone and are BPA free, non-toxic, non-porous and durable. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more stable filling and the lids protect the contents from undesired freezer odours and flavours. They are designed to stack on top of each other in the freezer, saving space. The easy-to-remove, flexible, non-stick moulds just peel away from the frozen pops and make cleaning a breeze.

Avanti Stackable Ice Popscicle Moulds - Set of 4
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