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Global Bamboo Wooden Cutting Board Set

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Bamboo has a natural durability and beauty that adds to the daily pleasure of dining. Featuring innovative Tri-Ply construction, it delivers supreme durability and quality and is free from all formaldehyde-based adhesives and dyes. Ultra-lightweight-this board has been designed to be used on both sides, is low maintenance and resistant to retaining water. Bamboo offers modern elegance to any kitchen and fits every busy lifestyle while keeping eco-friendly living in mind.


DISHWASHER SAFE. Never soak your board in water. After each use, simply rinse with a wet sponge using hot water and a little mild dishwashing liquid then towel dry. Do not use a steel brush or steel wool on the surface of the board.

Periodically (once every several weeks if used heavily or depending upon household conditions), apply an even coat of mineral/vegetable oil to the surface of the serving board. Sponge on with a rag and let dry. The oiling applies a nice moisture barrier. DO NOT allow moisture of any type to stand on the board for long periods of time.

Do not let fresh, wet meats lay on the block longer than necessary.

ALWAYS thoroughly clean your board after preparing raw meats.

Global Bamboo Wooden Cutting Board Set
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