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Snappy Seal

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The Snappy Seals Bag Closures are an easy way to seal up plastic bags and keep things fresher, longer.

They are reusable and the clever magnetic backing means that you can store them on the fridge or freezer so they are always near to hand. Simply press down on the top in order to open the device and attach to whatever you want to seal. You can even write on the Snappy seals to make identification of your bag's contents easier once stored.

The Snappy Seal Closures can also be adapted for other uses in the laundry, kitchen, camping or organising cables in the living room.


Material: Plastic
Colour: Red
Simple and easy to use
Reusable over and over
Tight strong seal
Freezer safe
Write on them to identify contents or cords etc
Assorted colours

Snappy Seal
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