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Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Box Grater (Yellow)

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This inventive box grater is packed with food-prep features. It has four stainless-steel blades, including a coarse, fine and star grater plus a sharp slicing blade. It comes with a precision food grip that allows you to safely hold a wide variety of foods - small items like garlic cloves or ginger pieces can be held at the pinching tip, whilst larger foods such as cheese blocks or carrots can be gripped in the centre. A transparent base with measurements collects food as you grate, and this can be stored neatly inside the grater to save drawer space. Likewise, the food grip stores in the top of the grater after use. The ergonomic handle and non-slip base ensures everything is held securely in place as you work.

Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Box Grater (Yellow)
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