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Bakemaster Square Proving Basket25x8.5cm

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The square loaf proving basket is perfect for rising dough
and helps maintain it’s shape before baking. It allows the
dough to develop flavour and texture while creating a
spiral imprint which will leave you with a beautiful artisan
style loaf. Perfect for a variety of breads including white,
rye and sourdough.

Perfect for rising dough
Helps maintain the shape of the dough when rising
Creates an artisan spiral imprint
Made from natural Rattan
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

Use and Care
Rattan is a natural fibre deemed as handwash only. After
use, gently tap out any excess flour or use a bristly brush
to remove any debris caught in the grooves. Wash in
warm water and dry thoroughly with a paper towel or
kitchen towel. Do not soak and avoid the use of strong
detergents. Store in a cool dry area and do not stack or
store in plastic but allow air to circulate freely. Not
suitable for baking.

Bakemaster Square Proving Basket25x8.5cm
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