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Avanti Pasta Drying Rack - Large

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The Avanti® Pasta Rack is the essential tool for drying your freshly made pasta. The rack promotes fast and even drying and holds up to 1.8kgs of fresh pasta allowing you to dry a large batch at once. It features 16 individual polycarbonate arms that rotate so they can be staggered for maximum drying space, accommodating long stands of pasta to meet your needs. Simply turn the knob at the top and the rods will fan out. Drying your pasta thoroughly before proceeding with cooking is necessary to ensure that it won't stick and will give a more beautiful finish upon presentation. Also included is a multi-purpose "wand" that helps transfer pasta from your pasta machine to the drying rack and aids in the cutting process. The wand stores in a chrome plated steel column when not in use and the rubber tripod feet protect your working surface from scratches. When you are done drying your perfect pasta, simply wipe the rack clean and fold it up for compact, flat storage.

Avanti Pasta Drying Rack - Large
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