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Located in Alsace France, Staub are manufacturers of superb quality Cast Iron cookware. They produce the highest quality enamelled cast iron cookware and bakeware. The first piece, a cocotte (Dutch oven), was designed by Francis Staub in 1974. Pieces are manufactured with cast iron covered with double-glazed enamel. The enamel coating makes the cookware rustproof, and enables for easy cleaning.

What sets Staub cookware apart from other french ovens is that their cocottes have nubs on the interior of the lids which enables condensation to collect and drip down to baste foods uniformly as they are cooking. They also feature a signature matt black enamelled interior that unlike other enamelled cookware brands will not show discolouration from years of use. 

When browsing the Staub French oven range, we recommend that you find a colour that suits your kitchen or tableware and consider extending your purchase with the variety of small cocottes or frypans to match. 


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