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Flint - Green

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The world's first retractable refillable lint roller. Retractable: The paper stays clean and can be reused never sticks to things it shouldnt. Compact And Durable Body: Flint can be with you wherever you go. Perfect for your closet, car, desk drawer, purse, pocket, suitcase, briefcase or any other place you desire it to be. Two Step Refill-System: When you are done with one, you just pull off the refill (one step) and then pop on the next one (two step). Easy! Each refill contains 30 reusable sheets. Designed For The Planet: Flint is reusable, recyclable and refillable. Flint lint paper is protected for reuse, and the Flint core is 100% recycled. The refill system is intuitive and simple to use and, as a result, we are seeing Flint refills flying off the shelves! Approximately 5.5"H

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Flint - Green
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